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Bubba God By Bubba Kings – HEAVY GAS AAAA+

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Bubba God, also known as God’s Bubba, is an Indica dominant strain. Created by British Columbia-based breeder Jordan of the Islands by crossing God Bud and the old classic Pre-98 Bubba Kush.  The buds have a compact Indica structure with an oval-shaped form. It has an earthy aroma that is grassy which is what we’ve come to love from this strain. Indica lovers rejoice, for Bubba God by Bubba Kings is here to offer thorough and long-lasting physical relaxation. If God smoked weed, this is the strain God would choose!


According to users in the marijuana community, Bubba God’s effects are a bit of a creeper. After smoking, effects may take up to 15 minutes or less for the user to feel. Once in effect, users report feeling the creeping high come out of nowhere. There will be slight pressure around your temples and eyes at first but then eventually it will turn into a head-focused high. You’ll feel your thoughts have a jolt and you’ll start to have some more insight. Once the head high subsides, the full-bodied physical relaxation will take over with a euphoric feeling you just can’t get rid of. Couch lock is a high possibility for those with low tolerance. Due to the sedative qualities of this strain, we recommend this strain for nighttime use.

Medical Effects

Users within the medical marijuana community have reported that this strain is very helpful in fighting stress, anxiety, and pain. Due to Bubba God’s sedative and relaxation qualities, it allows the user to forget the day’s worries through a creeping but euphoric high. That means you’ll feel happy! Others report that this strain is also great for treating physical pain, which ranges from mild to chronic. If you also have trouble sleeping, some have reported this is a great strain to put them to sleep.

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