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Death Cookies – 2 OUNCES FOR $200

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Death Cookies is a potent Indica strain of cannabis that is great for experienced users and people with a high tolerance. Death Cookies is a cross between two famous strains: Death Star and Girl Scout Cookies. When it comes to the amount of THC, Death Cookies ranks towards the top. Even seasoned smokers can’t tear themselves away from this strain. The average amount of THC is 24%, but this can change from batch to batch.

Death Cookies’ high is usually very relaxing and calming, making it easier to let go of stress and worry. With this cannabis bud, your appetite might grow, making you want to eat more as you slowly sink deeper into your couch or chair.

This cannabis strain may make you feel happy and calm because it gives you a euphoric high in your head. This strain smells and tastes like cookies and has a hint of diesel that makes it taste and smell even better.

If you’re already creative, you’ll notice that Death Cookies tend to make you even more creative. Many users report that they can focus better and feel like they can finish any mental task. But keep things low-key since Death Cookies is the kind of strain you like to use while sitting in a recliner or playing a game. It doesn’t give you much energy, but it does help you think and concentrate.

After a long, hard day of work, try the Death Cookies strain at night. It will provide you with the tranquility and rest your body requires, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed.

This strain will alleviate your physical discomfort while relaxing your thoughts, allowing you to fall asleep gradually.


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