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*NEW* Glitter Apples – Sativa

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Again another strain that smells like it’s title; it gives off a sweet, refreshing odor. Only thing is some buds in this eighth were a little harsher and didn’t taste as well as others. May be a different plant’s buds from the same batch got in there. Harshness is usually caused by poor flushing, drying, or curing techniques. As of now, I’ll count it as an anomaly since everything else I’ve gotten has been A+This one is great too, I just happen to have gotten a couple sorta harsh buds which is always going to happen from time to time.

My taste rating will be based on the nugs that weren’t harsh. Going to stop posting the thc percentage too because there’s so much more to a strain than it’s thc content. All the different terpenes and cannabinoids at certain levels in certain combinations usually determine the effects of the cannabis you’re using. Plus, I usually include a picture of percentages anyways. Have a wonderful day and stay lifted!


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